Hollywood Studios

50`s Prime Time Cafe

This is one of our favorite themed restaurants in Disney. Step through the doors of the 50`s Prime Time Cafe and straight into your grandma`s kitchen, complete with 50`s furniture and decoration, a comfort-food-filled menu and waitresses who aren`t shy about telling you to finish your veggies! If you don`t have reservations, try it out anyways. Tables turn over quickly.
Location: Echo Lake near Indiana Jones

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Known for their delicious food and incredible service, this is a dining experience that`s worth splurging on. Built as an authentic replica of the iconic Hollywood restaurant, you`ll be transported back into the glamourous golden age of Tinseltown. Reservations are a must. Forget to make `em? Try out the Brown Derby Lounge next door for wine, cocktails and a tapas-style menu.
Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant

Dine in a classic convertible car or a picnic table in the back while watching hilarious B-movie clips and old Disney footage under the stars. This is another one of our favorite themed restaurants for kids and grown-ups alike!
Location: Commissary Lane

Backlot Express

A great go-to for your standard fare food (i.e. cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and nuggets) with covered seating. The reason we`ve added this counter service restaurant to our list is because of the self-serve drink stations (the only one in Hollywood Studios!). Definitely take advantage of the refills while you`re here!
Location: Echo Lake near Indiana Jones

Starring Rolls Cafe

This is one of the best bakeries in Disney. You may have heard of their famed Butterfinger cupcake (it`s just as amazing as it sounds), but they also have some incredible other baked goods, sandwiches and even sushi (halfway decent sushi, we might add). Note: They close (usually at 3pm).
Location: Sunset Boulevard